Hongsa Power Plant 100% completed, Xayaboury Hydropower 70% Completed

Houpahanh to have two dams built next year


Houaphanh to have two dams built next year

By Vinnaly

(KPL) The under construction Nam Sim and Nam Hao hydropower projects in Houaphanh Province are expected to be completed by 2015.

The confirmation was made by the constructors when Vice Governor of Houaphanh Province, Mr Chanseng Phimmavong, and his delegation visited the construction sites of the two projects to inspect their progress in Viengxay district and in Sobbao district in Houaphanh province.

Mr Chanseng who is also in charge of the economic affairs of the province was briefed on �the ongoing Nam Sim hydropower dam construction project which has an installed generation capacity of 8 mw. The project construction kicked off late last year. since then 37% of the whole works have been carried out.

Nam Hao hydropower dam construction project with an installed generation capacity of 15 MW, constructed by a local construction company �Douangchalern� worth 360 billion kip has made a noticeable progress and its construction is expected to be over by the end of next year.

The two dams will supply electricity to the Electricite du Lao for domestic consumption, especially in Houaphanh Province.