Hongsa Power Plant 100% completed, Xayaboury Hydropower 70% Completed

Nam Khanh 2 hydropower dam is 80% complete


Nam Khanh 2 hydropower dam is 80% complete

By Vinnaly

(KPL) The construction of Nam Khanh 2 hydropower dam project has been reportedly completed by almost 80% since the beginning of early 2011 and expected to complete as schedule by at the end of 2014.

The completed work of the construction has been disclosed in a monthly report for June by the committee responsible for the dam construction project.

This project, located in Somboun village, Xieng Ngeune District, Luang Prabang Province, plays a vital role in friendly environment protection for the construction and new resettlement villages.

The project has also provided local people through many training courses such as edible insect for Phoxang villagers, vegetable, mushroom and maize planting, husbandry, native chicken raising and has so far distributed to foodstuff to people of Xieng Ngeune District.

The responsible committee project has cooperated with Phoxang villagers to grow 600 fruit trees in front of their houses and planted trees in public park in its effort to protect environment under the plan on turning this area as a green area.

The project has also built public necessary and facilities for seven project-affected villages in Xieng Ngeune District and Phoukhoun District, which the percentages of construction works have now been completed over 88%.

The construction works include new houses, schools, a health centre, a market for dam affected victims where they have already moved in the resettlement area.

Nam Khanh 2 hydropower dam with a sole investment of the Lao Government is worth more than US$350 million, a credit loan released by the EXIM Bank of China.

The dam is designed to generate 130 megawatts and sell it to the Electricite du Laos-a main electricity supplier in the Lao PDR supplying to the northernmost provinces of Laos.