Hongsa Power Plant 100% completed, Xayaboury Hydropower 70% Completed

Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy
Hydroelectric Power Project

Monthly Progress Report No.18

(1 – 31 July 2015)

Prepared by

I. Executive Summary

This report is prepared by the Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy Power Company Limited (PNPC) in
compliance with Section 16.2 and Annex X of the Concession Agreement (CA) entered into
between the Government of Lao PDR (GOL) and PNPC on 19 October 2012.
The major contents of this report will cover the work progress of Project Financing, Principle
Project Contracts, Variations and Claims, Environment and Resettlement, and Management
Matters which can be summarized as follows:
 Project Financing
- Loan Drawdown
 27 July 2015 - PNPC received a loan drawdown of THB 155,000,000
and USD 6,000,000 or a total equivalent of USD 11,000,000.
 Total loan drawdown ending July 2015 are THB 3,038,000,000 and USD
122,000,000 or a total equivalent of USD 220,000,000.
- Equity Drawdown
 July 2015 - PNPC received an equity drawdown of USD 5,142,859.
 Total paid equity ending July 2015 is USD 99,428,590.61.
 Work Progress of Principle Project Contracts
- EPC Contract: The EPC Contract and Commencement of Project
Construction was executed simultaneously on 15 November 2013,
respectively. The contract implementation is ongoing.
- O&M Contract: The O&M Contract was executed on 14 November 2013.
- OE (Owner’s Engineer) Contract: The OE Contract was executed and
commenced on 28 November 2013 and 9 December 2013, respectively. The
contract implementation is ongoing.
- CSC (Construction Supervision Consultant) Contract: The CSC Contract was
executed and commenced on 28 November 2013 and 2 December 2013,
respectively. The contract implementation is ongoing.
 Environmental and Social
- One Level II incident involving a crane tipping over. No injuries were
reported but the incident is deemed to be serious.
- Conducted consultation with the PAPs to ensure that they understand the
methods for house repairs and toilet construction.
- Advertisement posted in the Vientiane Times and Vientiane Mai newspapers
inviting tenders for house repairs and toilet construction.
- Conducted the hand-over ceremony of the water supply systems from the
PNPC to the District Governor and PAPs, respectively.

Construction and handover of the Village Meeting Halls for Ban Houay Xoy,
Ban Nam Khong and Ban Xe-Namnoy were accomplished, respectively.
- Conducted training on rice production improvement for ninety three (93)
villagers, of which forty five (45) are females, in the Tailrace Villages.
- Conducted a meeting with the Nam Khong Village Authorities and villagers
on the setting up of the Village Revolving Fund Committee.
- Conducted medical mission at the Xe-Namnoy Village in cooperation with the
PHO, DHO, Health Center Staff and Village Authorities. The activity
included; (i) medical interviews, (ii) physical examination (respiratory, liver
and spleen palpation, eyes/ears/nose and throat diagnosis and treatment, etc.),
and (iii) laboratory services (stool examination was mandatory while blood
and urinary appraisal was on a case-to-basis).
- Provided medicines and medical equipment for the existing Health Center to
service villagers of the Resettlement Area.
- Donated Ten Million Kip (10,000,000 Kip) to the Nam Khong Elementary
School for the construction of a new school building and purchase of sports
- Compensation payment for PAPs along 2/3 of the tailrace almost complete.
- Completed compensation payment for PAPs along the Houay Makchan
- Conducted consultation with 19 villages out of 22, in the area along the
Transmission Line Route in Samakkhixay and Sanamxay Districts.
- Completed wet season inspection of grey-water discharges in the camps.
- A fire and emergency evacuation drill was conducted at the SEODONG camp.
- A safety ceremony was conducted at the Powerhouse site.
- Concluded meetings with three (3) pilot villages for the consensus building on
fishery co-management activities and identification of fish conservation zones.
- Posted print advertisement and conducted interviews for the position of
Watershed Coordinator.
- Consulted with three hundred seventy one (371) PAPs from six (6) villages on
the prohibition of planting rice in the biomass cleared areas since these areas
may be flooded due to the backwater from the coffer dam.

II. Photo Constructure Progress 

1. Project Location

2. Technical Description

3. Dam Overview

4. The Switchyard & Powerhouse Technical Conceptual Image