Hongsa Power Plant 100% completed, Xayaboury Hydropower 70% Completed

Description and Main Features of Project

            The Xayaburi Hydroelectric Power Project is one of the Mekong cascade development scenarios comprising nine-of-river hydropower project. the mekong is one of the largest rivers in the word with an average discharge of 15, 000 cubic meters per second, a catchment area of 795,000 square kilometers and total length of 4,800 kilometers .There are over 50 million inhabitants living in the Lower Mekong River Basin (LMB). The LMB possesses a huge hydropower potential of over 30,000 MW, including 13,000 MW on the mainstream, another 13,000 MW in the tributaries in the Lao PDR and the remaining in the tributaries in Cambodia, Thailand and Viet Nam. So far several tributaries projects with a total capacity of some 2,000 MW, or 7% of the potential, have been developed. in 1994, MRC conducted the study “Mekong Mainstream Run-of- River Hydropower”  for twelve Nine of them were considered as promising project with a total capacity of over 13,000 MW and a yearly energy generation of some 62,000 GWh, including the Xayaburi Project.

            The Xayaburi Project is located between the Luang Prabang site in the upstream reach and Pak Lay site downstream Back water calculation hare been carried out for the river reach Xayburi-Luang Prabang based on the recently surveyed topographic data and available information for calculation of power production at the Xayaburi barrage . the NWL of the Pak Lay project , which is located about 110 km downstream , would  impact to the energy generation of the Xayaburi Project and hence its economic return. Similar considerations apply to the Luang Prabang and Pak Beng project. In this regard, the MRC study in 1994 recommended that the Pak Lay Project should have a NWL of 240 meters above MSL. At this level the Pak Lay project would be attractive with less land and population affected. In this connection, the GOL should consider the combined synergy effects of the interfering project in the Mekong cascade that could produce more benefits to the country.

            The main features of the proposed Xayaburi Project are as follows:

  • NWL (m MSL):                                              275 m MSL,
  • Installed Capacity (MW)                                 1,260 MW
  • Energy at Delivery point , less 3% transmission losses ( GWh/yr ):

(i)                 Primary:                                               4,120;

(ii)               Secondary:                                            1,540;

(iii)             Excess: up to a maximum of 1,540 depending on the amount of water used for sang flushing and for the fish passing facilities.

  • Six main permanent structures:

(i)                 The powerhouse , with an installed capacity of 1,260 MW with ten Kaplan unit and with a total discharge of 5,000 m3/sec. Sediment sluices are included;

(ii)               The switchyard is location in the power house  and the 500 KV double circuit transmission line will link with a new EGAT substation in Khon Kaen, via the delivery point at the Lao-Thai border near Kaen Thao in Lao and Thali in Thailand Cooperation with EGAT in conducting the study on power system and transmission network is under progress;

(iii)             The spillway for a maximum discharge of 47,500 m3/sec (PMF floods), equipped with twelve gates 18 m wide and 20 m high;

(iv)             Two access rosds located on both sides of the Mekong River linking the national Rosd No. 4 to the barrage site.

(v)               A two-step navigation lock warrantee freedom of navigation on the Mekong mainstream; and

(vi)             Fish pass facilities for maintaining ecological balance.







Monthly Progress Report No.62

December 2015


This Monthly Progress Report is prepared by Xayaburi Power Company Limited (“XPCL”) in compliance with Clause 8.1: “Company to provide periodic progress report of the Concession Agreement (“CA”) as signed between XPCL and the Government of Lao PRD (GOL) on October, 29th 2010”.

The major contents in this report will cover the work progress with regard to Project financing, construction activities under the EPC Contracts, EGAT transmission system, Environment & Resettlement implementation and others, and are summarized as follows.

  • Project Financing

- The total project cost was estimated to be at THB 115,283 million which remains unchanged.) where the Contingencies have decreased to THB 1,656 million.

- Up to the end of the reporting period, Equity Injection was at the amount of THB 12,175 million. Debt drawdown was made at THB 26,180 million and USD 301 million.


  • EPC Contract


Overall work progress

- The actual accumulated work progress for December 2015 estimated by GOL-E is 56.09 %. The overall payment in accordance with the second revised IPS as of December is 44.00%. It has to be noted that the IPS-revision03 is only related to the original scope of works i.e. 76 billion baht. The additional works for First Stage Works and Second Stage Works are paid under separate Interim Payment Schedules still to be agreed upon. For the January report 2016 we will report the performance of the works by means of a performance curve generated from PMS06 with money loaded activities.

- XPCL has arranged an on account payment for executed Variation Works in the amount of 2 billion baht. The overall payment to CHK amounts to 46.6%.

- Final settlements for all variations concerning First Stage Works and Second Stage Works of the Project have still to be finalized.


Project Master Schedule

- The PMS 06 was submitted for approval to GOL-E in May 2015 and consequently approved. Regular updates are provided by CHK and checked by GOL-E. It can be concluded that the Project is on schedule.


Package 1 work progress

The work progress for this package amounts to 70.77%.

Package 1 work is on schedule.

Preparation works:

No any major activity.

Permanent Structures:

- Powerhouse structural concrete works are progressing well.

- Erection Bay part 1 and 2, Unloading Bay floors are finished.

- Intermediate Block no.1 and 20 are completed. Pumping station 1 and 2 concreting is underway.

- Fish Ladder concrete structure is nearly finished except separation walls between each pool.

- All structures are executed in accordance with PMS06.


For more details see chapter 3.1

Package 2 work progress

Package 2 work is on schedule.

The work progress for this package amounts to 42.64%.

The work is carried out in accordance with PMS 06.

The activities of Package 2 are progressing well.

For more details see chapter 3.2.

Package 3 work progress

Package 3 work is on schedule

The work progress for this package amounts to 17.39%.

The work is carried out in accordance with PMS 06.

For more details see chapter 3.3

Package 4 work progress

Package 4 work is slightly behind schedule. A catch up program has been submitted by the Package4 contractor to CHK. GOL-E is monitoring this program. It is expected that the Package4 contractor will be back on schedule in June 2016.

The work progress for this package amounts to 26.81 %.

For more details see chapter 3.4.

Environment and Resettlement

The livelihood restoration and community development programs are successfully implemented. The environmental management at the construction area complies with all requirements.



Photographs of Construction 


Overview of permanent work area at right bank. Overview of permanent work area at right bank.


Overview of permanent work area at left bank. 


 Overview of RS-5


Overview of Tower erection work. (Package 4)